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Reveal Your Inner Wisdom: Sage Archetype Workshop

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Archetypes surround us. We see them in our origin stories and myths across cultures, in our fairy tales, our films and books. They are those forms that you are familiar with such as Queen, Child, Mentor, Caregiver, Rebel, Sage, because they embody universal characteristics that communicate across generations and continents. They reside in the collective unconscious, a shared understanding, regardless of our location in time or space. They are complex and do not fit in a box, like stereotypes which are limited by assumptions, existing separate from ourselves. Archetypes are a part of us, of our collective unconscious and understanding them can help us interpret patterns of behavior that lead us to success or distress.

Archetypes themselves are neither positive or negative, they are templates and provide a structure to understand behavior. That behavior can manifest as positive or negative, revealing the light or shadow side of the archetype. For example, in the words of Caroline Myss, "The Rebel, for instance, can be a powerful force leading you to reject illegitimate authority and strike out on a bold new path of action. But if you let your awareness lapse, its shadow aspect can induce you to rebel against constructive, positive leaders, or to fall in love with the image and trappings of rebellion." (Archetype Cards Guidebook) If we can identify and understand our archetypes, we can recognize shadow behavior before it does damage.

As a yogi and yoga teacher, I am always looking to better understand the posture or pose I am practicing. This can be about the sense of alignment in my body, the possible benefits, the variations of expression, or characteristics of the pose that the physical form embodies. What is it about tree, fish or crow that has the characteristics of those forms, those archetypes? Some poses are named after sages, referencing their story and wisdom, lessons we can learn.

Join me on January 4th from 2:00-4:00 pm at Longwave Yoga for Reveal Your Inner Wisdom: Sage Archetype Workshop where we will explore the archetype of the Sage. Examining stories of Sages named in the yoga practice, through discussion we will identify the characteristics of Inner Wisdom that we find within ourselves. Meditating on those qualities we possess or wish to manifest, we will create our own vision board to inspire us in the new year. All crafting materials will be supplied, including images to inspire or add to your vision board. Register now to save your spot and some money! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I hope you can join us!

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