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Mediation Levitation

*Online via Zoom*



1 virtual 30-minute private session per monthly sign up scheduled individually with Kristen Nice whenever works best for your schedule. 


Level up your meditation! Perhaps you’ve started a meditation practice but have trouble staying with it, or you have a steady practice and feel ready to take it further. Maybe you simply want to learn more about meditation styles. Join Kristen Nice for this level up opportunity as an add on to the Daily Exploration of Meditation, or as a separate experience. Receive weekly recommended readings to inspire, inform, and deepen your understanding of meditation styles. 


Enjoy thirty minutes of one-on-one time with Kristen to ask questions about your practice, refine your meditation seat, discuss the readings, or commit to a longer meditation in your preferred style.


$40 (for 1 30-minute private virtual session per monthly sign up)

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