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Doula Services
Tiny Feet

What is a Doula?

A doula provides continuous emotional support for the birthing couple. The birthing couple may be mom-to-be with her romantic partner, birthing partner, friend, or family member. A doula assists the couple with getting the information they need to make informed decisions, provides an objective perspective, facilitates communication, and stays with the mom-to-be, providing physical comfort measures throughout the labor. 

I am a trained doula currently working towards certification with D.O.N.A. and am so excited about this new path! 

What does a package include?

I will meet with mom-to-be and her birthing partner for a free consultation to review the specifics of the contract. If we decide we would like to work together, we'll have two prenatal visits to review your birth plan and additional details. I will provide doula support during active labor, throughout and shortly after delivery, following up with a postnatal visit. For an additional fee you can also choose to add on private prenatal yoga sessions for mom-to-be or the couple.

I'm not having a home birth, would I still benefit from a doula?

Yes! As a doula I provide emotional support for the birthing couple, which is needed whether birthing at home, the hospital, a birth center, naturally, induced, or surgical.


What do you charge?


As a trained doula working toward certification, I would like to discuss this with you in person. Please contact me if you are interested in contracting my doula services.

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