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Reveal Your Inner Wisdom - Working With the Sage Archetype in the New Year


Archetypes reside in our unconscious and surround our lives through myths, the arts, advertising, pop culture, and even the asanas we explore in our yoga practice. They influence the way we interact with ourselves, each other, and reveal patterns within ourselves that can illuminate our path through life. Carl Jung described archetypes as “the living system of reactions and aptitudes that determine the individual’s life in invisible ways.” In this workshop, we’ll discuss the themes around some of the sage archetypes present in the yoga practice, reflect on that inner wisdom that is already present within ourselves, and create a vision board to inspire us as we move forward in the new year.


Couples squat 2.jpg

Moving Together on the Pregnancy Path - Prenatal Partner Yoga​


Take this time to strengthen that special bond between you, your partner, and your baby. The journey of pregnancy is sacred and special, but it can also sometimes feel as if mama and her partner are moving separately on the same path. Bring your partner and join Kristen Nice for this workshop on Prenatal Partner Yoga. Learn partner poses that you can do together to build strength and flexibility throughout your pregnancy, assists partners can perform to release tension, and supportive birthing postures to ease discomfort during active labor. Not only will this workshop give you the tools to increase strength, flexibility and endurance, it will give you and your partner the chance to connect to your pregnancy in a memorable way.

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Feather Your Nest: Gentle Prenatal Flow, Meditation and Peace Crane Mobile Workshop

Manifest a beautiful, supportive space for yourself and your baby with this sweet flow and craft workshop. Join Kristen Nice for a gentle prenatal flow, followed by a soothing positive birth visualization and guided meditation. Our creative energy from this class will then lead us into crafting peace crane mobiles to float over your baby’s crib, a sweet reminder of this special time. All crafting supplies included.

Burst of Light

Shadow Work: A Special Fall Equinox Slow Flow Class


On September 23rd, 2019, the earth’s equator will pass through the center of the sun. It is an occasion that happens only twice a year, where daylight and night time become equal in length. In this brief time, there is a balance between light and darkness, as the Earth's axis points neither toward nor away from the sun. 


Following this alignment, Kristen Nice will guide a special 60-minute Slow Flow Sequence focusing on embracing this balance of both light and shadow as we enter the fall season. 

"How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole." ~ Carl Jung


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