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Words cannot describe my appreciation for Kristen. Though she possesses the knowledge of a skilled instructor, recognizing her personal journey towards enlightenment allows her to be a sympathetic guide. She radiates a sense of kindness that encourages each of her students to nourish themselves in a way that will allow them to reach their utmost potential. I take comfort in knowing her teachings exist beyond the mat, providing a sense of clarity and appreciation for the aspects of life that often go unnoticed.

~Emma Cowan

Kristen's positive vibes and relaxing voice are inescapable. She's as much about accepting what your body can do as she is about challenging it. No matter what kind of day I'm having, I always leave her class feeling calm, centered and happy.

~Allison Moore

I wish I would've started Kristen's prenatal yoga classes sooner. My pregnancy hasn't been the most enjoyable. After an hour long session with her though, I feel reset and ready for anything!

~Kristina Boccaccio

I cannot recommend taking prenatal yoga with Kristen enough, I only wish I started her class earlier in my pregnancy! Kristen did an awesome job at creating a community for us, it was great being be able to share and talk with other soon to be moms. I had back pain throughout my pregnancy and always felt relief and relaxed after leaving Kristen’s class. I would sleep and feel so much better on Wednesday nights it was much needed especially as I got closer to my due date. Kristen found a great balance between stretching and providing a space to relax and unwind during her lessons. The class absolutely prepared me for breathing during labor and finding ways to stay calm and relaxed during labor. Kristen takes such care and love during her lessons, I so appreciate the opportunity she gave me to connect with my little one and be mindful of by body as it grew and transformed during a wonderful but sometimes stressful time.

~Karsan Hardy

Kristen has long been my go-to yoga her classes you'll receive not only a great workout, but also leave feeling energized by her lessons and energy! She provides a wonderful balance of instruction, education, and overall compassion for yogis of all walks of life.

~Jarrett Piner

Kristen's true love for yoga and teaching shine through during every class. Alignment based vinyasa are led by her soothing voice with tidbits from greats like Thich Nhat Hahn. Having been a student of Kristen's for the past six years, I promise she can change your life.

~Melissa Friddle

I always describe Kristen's restorative classes as "sweet". She has a gentle and soothing way to present each posture, and I find her flow easy to follow. I always leave her class restored and with a smile.

~Deborah Vanzee

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