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November, The Month of Abundance

Two months ago, I put my running shoes back on. I ran cross country in high school and on and off over the years. A few years ago I suffered an injury I couldn't seem to get past, and I thought that perhaps running was no longer for me. But one Sunday morning in September, out of the blue, I felt the urge to run. I knew I needed something to help me keep pace, so that I didn't start out too fast and exhaust myself before I started. I found a guided run on the Nike Run Club App and set out. It was hard, but it felt good. When I came to the end of my run, the app gave me an option to share my run. I thought, okay yes, I'm proud that I got out and did this. I snapped a pic and went to the next step. I had options to post my route, the distance or a summary of my distance, time and average mile.

I really debated on whether to post the summary. Would people think I was too slow, or silly to proudly share a slow pace and short distance. Would I be making myself vulnerable to judgment? I found myself worrying about their reaction and allowing that to impact my experience. Finally, I acknowledged that these thoughts were just ego, and that the expectations I was putting on myself were manifesting as anticipated reactions from other people, with no basis in truth. I decided to set ego aside and share my post with time, distance, and average mile pace. I was overwhelmed with the support I received.

By setting aside ego, I made room for abundance. Many people supported my post through comments and reactions. Even more supported me in person, asking how my running was going, encouraging me, even saying it was inspirational. I was humbled. I am humbled. Never did I expect such support and enthusiasm. If I had listened to my ego and not shared my post, I never would have received the abundance that was out there, just waiting for an opportunity to give.

This morning I ran with four amazing people. People from different stages of life, fitness, recovery, and training. We talked, we ran, we laughed, we shared, and then we stretched. We enjoyed an experience together, supported, and celebrated each other. And by the time we had cooled down, we were already talking 5k's and relays, and picked our route for next week. They thanked me for organizing the group, but I am grateful to them for the support and interest.

By setting aside ego and ignoring self doubt, I made room for abundance. Abundance of encouragement, connection, and celebration. I found others to join me, each of us on our own path, but forging ahead together.

November brings us Thanksgiving, an abundance of food and sometimes family. We may start thinking about the upcoming holidays, the travel, the spending, and the pressure we put on ourselves to please. Perhaps we can set aside ego and make room for an abundance that can grace us in so many other ways, ways we may not expect.

“Ask nothing from your running, in other words, and you’ll get more than you ever imagined.” ~ Christopher McDougall ~

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