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February, The Month of Listening

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

On February first, chatting with a good friend, I was reminded that it is better to do three things well, than a dozen things mediocrely. I've been chewing on this thought ever since (thank you, Katie). After such a full month in January I've found it a little difficult to keep my feet on the ground. I'm diving into new ventures and I want to do them ALL well, but I need to be focused, patient, strategic.

I decided to turn to the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck for a little inspiration. The card I pulled? The Hunter. The hunter is focused, driven, on a precise mission. The hunter must be strategic, patient, in order to return home with their prize. And in the hunter's mind, there is no option to return home without the prize. In the deck guidebook Kim Krans references Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the moon, also known as a mother goddess assisting with childbirth. Krans recommends that when one draws this card we ask ourselves: What am I hunting? Why am I hunting it? Is the weapon I hold so tightly in my grip truly needed for the task at hand? I'm still working through these questions, but as I do, I'm also listening.

I subbed several yoga classes this week, increasing my usual 6 classes to 10, sometimes teaching back to back after a full day at work. Focused. I planned for each of those classes, building on themes I saw in my own life and in doing so, working through my own obstacles. Driven. I opened the week meeting with a potential doula client with three other doulas. I learned so much during that conversation about what I have to offer as a doula and the type of doula I want to be. Precise Mission. I received encouragement from others to share my writing through other platforms. Strategic. I was offered an opportunity to lead a yoga class at a large, public event. Patient. The moon has been a recurring topic of conversation, discussed in the classes I attend, in podcasts I listen to and the card I pulled in the Yin class I attended this morning stated, with the rising moon, prosperity is on the horizon. Artemis.

Two weeks ago the universe told me to rest - to take the energy of the new moon to REST. And I've been doing my best to honor this. I took a day off this week and did absolutely nothing connected to my day job or my business. I painted. I painted a picture that had no pre-conceived purpose, no goal to meet, no vision to clarify. I have started the process of carving out time that is for me, and is not negotiable. The next project at work will be there, the spreadsheet can wait. And as I take this time, I am more in tune with my environment, with nature, my intuition is stronger, and I can better navigate my obstacles. I have a better understanding of where I can refine, and determine the few things I can do well rather than a multitude of mediocrity.

When I first pulled the Hunter card, I couldn't connect to it, didn't see how it applied. But I embrace Artemis. And universe, I'm listening.

"Don't punch the target, punch through the target."

~Bruce Lee~

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